It's almost the middle of the year!

I am back! 

Oh wait, I didn't even tell you I was going anywhere! 

I have been in London for the past 6 weeks and it was not what I expected. I did do the things I intended to do which hopefully is going to be very exciting for everyone. I did lots of other things too which I had planed to do. I watched Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak and John Mayer. I thought I'd leave inspired, but I left angry at myself for not working harder to be like them. 

From watching my idols, I realised how much time and effort and work and consistency they put in. Their concerns are just the same as mine when it comes to writing music. "Just put it out there," John said. He just told me the thing I already knew. People are not going to like everything I put out. Some may, some may not. Guess that's the risk of being a musician. The part I have not been brave to get to, no matter how many Januaries I tell myself I will get an album out within the next 12 months. 

When will this ever get on the road? Put the pressure on me! 

But anyway, on another note, here are my upcoming shows!

Tuesday, May 30th 2017 
Dasha Logan & the John Thomas Trio
Suzie Wong
Dress code applies 
Free entry upon reservation 

Weekend, June 2nd and 3rd 2017
Michael Veerapen feat Dasha Logan
China House, Penang

Thusday, June 8th 2017
Dasha Logan & John Thomas band
Suzie Wong
Dress code applies 
Free entry upon reservation 

Friday, June 9th & 14th
Dasha Logan 
Le Noir

Weekend, June 16th and 17th 2017
Dasha Logan 
No Black Tie
Cover charge TBC

My Monitor and I

"excuse me, could you bring me down?" 

I have often heard that I have the weirdest on-stage preference when it comes to my monitors. I always prefer them softer than some singers and I never thought about it until today. 

I started singing in small bars in Penang, here and there with minimum experience and minimum knowledge of what I would need when I performed. All I knew was that I needed a mic, speakers and maybe a music stand for my file (yes, my lyrics were in a file, that you flip!) and hope that the wind is kind and the lighting doesn't reflect off the plastic protecting my lyrics. There were performances completely void of a monitor and I didn't know any better. 

There was once a whole contract, that had monitors, but a mixer that was not properly working. The monitors were there for show and were never turned on (no matter how sexy I spoke) and with this, I was trained to perform without monitors. So now when I am on stage and the monitors are turned on and working, it surprises me just a little. As if there was a wall in front of me and I singing right at it and my voice is being thrown right back to my face! 

I much prefer hearing the far away sound of my voice coming from the house speaker. Ever heard your voice played back to you and think "dang!!! That's what I sound like? I shouldn't talk anymore....", I often ask myself why anyone would like my voice. Then I shut up and get on with it because I love singing and I just hope people can tell that I do when I do. Do be do be do be doooooo...

But in all honestly, what this has taught me is how to work through tougher situations. How to perform with a faulty monitor, how to carry on with a show if a monitor cuts out. Learning how to trust my voice while performing and listening to what the audience can actually hear. 

Challenge yourself. Try the difficult way and see what happens. It's through the mistakes and hardship that we learn the best. 

Private is the new Social

Social media has become so difficult. It use to be a platform to speak your mind and share ideas. Now it's an open writing ring and everyone wants to take a swing.

This is why I love blogs. Yes, I know I promised myself this blog would be professional only but before I was a full time singer, I spent a lot of my time writing blogs and poetry. Those days are long ago and far away but I'd like to bring that back.

Isnt it sad though how argumentative the world has become. And no one thinks before they speak or type or reply and oh so many severed ties and burnt bridges. This has also made people sensitive beyond measure. What is going on? 

Writing songs have also become a challenge. When writing "cleverly", it made me deliberate weather I was saying anything wrong or my message may be muddled or confused and people may take offence. The song is about how everybody lies. And if you have to lie, lie cleverly. 

"Leave your man" is easier. If he's a bad guy. And you know he's a bad guy. Or maybe not a bad guy, but a naughty one. Then leave him. 

But anyway the point of this post is to say I am going to open my mind and heart on this platform. I will of course think a thousand times before posting anything so if you are reading this, I meant you to. 


Exclusivity, it's easy for most but tough for some. I'm talking about everything under the sun! Exclusively eating vegetables. Eating non living things exclusively. Eating meat exclusively. Drinking wine exclusively. Warm water exclusively. Etc etc

Putting the live stories aside, I'm talking about being exclusive to musical genres. Is there such a thing? I don't think so. Exclusivity to venues. Well, I am loyal to some more than others to be honest. 


January 5th @No Black Tie
Come catch me and Robin Banerjee as we duo it along, Just the two of us!

January 7th @ Suzy Wong
New year, new songs! Well, come new songs at least. It feels like 2016 has leaked into 2017 and I don't know where one year ended and the other began. Signs of growing up where I guess I have begun to take one day at a time. Anyway that's not the point! Suzy Wong!

January 20th @ Suzy Wong
So yeah, this is place is pretty awesome (and pretty hard to get into, but it helps to know the band) and I will be performing with John Thomas and his trio! What's going to happen? I have no idea, but I do know it's going to be fun!

This is all, since Chinese New Year comes early this year, everyone will be partying home-town style. See you February!

So bad at this

What has happened to me? I am telling you, this website thing is so distracting that I dont even update that!

Anyway rubbish aside, I have been caught up with stuff (life stuff) so here I am trying to make up for it while I have the lap top on my actual lap. Most of the time I am lazy with the lap top across the room and a bluetooth keyboard and mouse by my side. Couch potato to a whole new level indeed.

SO! Here I am with the dates that I have! I know it's kinda half done, but it's the information I have right now and I will update along the way. Thank you for visiting the blog for updates! You're the best and I am so glad you keep an eye on me ;)

20th & 27 July
Jaya One acoustic sessions

31st July
Georgetown festival

5th and 26th August 

12 & 13 August
No Black Tie: A Tribute to Amy Winehouse with Robin Banerjee

20th & 21st August
Yayasan Sime Darby Arts Festival

27th August
Muntri Festival


Hey Everyone!

So this is something I have not done in a while but I have been trying to keep up in letting people know when I have been performing, I am so sorry to my followers and friends who have tries to keep up and I have been an absolute useless online user in updating you. 

BUT I really want to change that. =) From what I see, there are still people out there checking out my blog so why not keep it going even though I have a web site? I have always loved blogs ( I wonder if anyone can find the old ones I have posted up... those would be embarassing) 

SO HERE IS FEBRUARY. I am going to keep it short and sweet. 

When: 5th
Where: Rils
With: Jimmy, Laura and Jack

When : 6th
Where: Mezze
With : Michael Veerapen, Steve Nanda, Daniel Foong

When: 19 & 20th
Where: Alexis
With: Michael Veerapen, Steve Nanda, Daniel Foong

Hope to see you at some point at one of these shows! 

I have also been hearing a lot of concerned comments about my well being and health, saying that I am looking tired and worn out. I am working on this. I don't know why I have been feeling tired lately, but I am changing my diet, fixing my exercise schedule and making time for healthy activities. 

Always a time for change. 


So , after years and years of talking about it and me mentioning it, IT'S FINALLY READY!!

Yes my friends, my web site is finally available!

It's quite lovely and gives you all the information you need to catch my upcoming shows!

So don't be shy!

Take a look and share it with your friends and give me input too if you see me!


Lots of love!

No time like the Present

And finally it’s here, the month we have not been looking forward to. GST is finally here (and it aint no joke).

What does that mean for us all?  Well, I know what that means for me. I will be re-using all my old make up for months to come. And shoes. And clothes. Yikes! Lots to look forward to huh?

As for me, I am now based in Penang for the next few months. Will be back in Kuala Lumpur when I can.

So here are the shows!!!!

Where: No Black Tie
With: The Michael Veerapen Trio!!!
Time: 10pm

What: Penang City Day Celebration
Where: Esplanade, Georgetown
With: David Arumugam
Time: 8pm

What: Asean International Film Festival and Awards 
Where: Borneo Convention Centre
With: -
Time: 6pm

24th and 25th
What: The Rock Show!
Where: No Black Tie
With: ROZZ
Time: 10pm

So there you have it, folks! A way to brighten up the month of jokes and fools. Let me cheer you up. =)


So yes, i know i have skipped the whole month of February. As some of you know, my mother has been recently admitted into ICU in Penang so I have mostly been on the island to be with her. She is improving a little more every day and, well, it has been quite a roller-coaster which I can't quite get into just yet. 

But anyway, it is a new month, and even though I am 11 days delayed, I am not too late to inform you of the shows which are coming up!

13th and 14th 
Dasha Logan and the Michael Veerapen Trio
Jalan Ampang

Dasha Logan and the Michael Veerapen Trio 
Jalan Kasah

and unfortunately that is all I have this month on public shows, and it looks that way for April as well. Will keep you guys updated on shows and of course, the release of my upcoming song, Leave Your Man =) 

Would also like to ask you guys to run out and grab yourself a copy of Marie Claire and Feng Shui World! See my "out of bed" shot and have a read about what the year has in store for us all. 

That's about it for now, =D

song of the month: Too Darn Hot, Anthony Strong