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Our second jam session kicked off rough, all thanks to yours truly not knowing how to CONFIRM A STUDIO! Ok self anger, aside, the amazing guys at Drum Asia managed to get us a space on the stage area. Yes, we had to cut down the jam session time from 3 hours to 2, but I was working with the best musicians so, 2 hours were plenty!

Ee Jeng got there early, so did I. Was I going to take advantage of the extra minutes I had with him to write something new! Hell yeah! #everyopportunity

yeah I am doing hashtags now. boom.

I had been working on a new song called Nice, got some help with the chords from a friend all the way in Australia (thank you, internet) and within 15 minutes, Ee Jeng and I had the song off and running and as Omar and Dave came in and set up, the song had a life of its own and within an hour we had most of everything we needed!

I know this is not news to musicians out there about what it takes to pull a song out of thin air, but I have been struggling. Especially since I have been writing on my own for years, only recently able to write things on a piano. It's my fauly; to let my pride lead me to where I am today. I could have always asked for help! Now that I have absolutely put that on the shelf, I am throwing "please" and "thank you"s out like candy! Or.. advice.

Anyway, 2 hours flew by and we had 1 new songs and re did the 3 from last week. Me, the person who thought she had plenty originals in the bag, realised that she has lots of originals yes... but all of them incomplete. I need to sit down and finish these songs! They all have really good ideas and hooks but they dont have a second verse and all the options out there doesn't help! Bridge? No Bridge? hook? How about some weird section that no one expects! Options options...

Oh well, once we were done, we packed up and headed for dinner together. I like this part of the evening, the part where I hear some of my friend ideas for the songs, ideas on what is going to happen with it next, what it could be called while we also catch up with other parts of our lives. I am lucky that I work with my friends for a living.

Bass's down, pillar time.

Yesterday I got some musicians into the studio to work. There was no reason for them to have allocated time for me, to come into studio and to help me out with something devastatingly important to me, yet they did. 

I got to the studio (Drum Asia) a little earlier than everyone else, sat down at the piano and tried banging to my not-so-great chords in preparation for them to come in. They slowly made their way to the studio, setting up the instruments and just catching up. We as musicians , dont always get to just hang out with each other outside of work, and have even less opportunity to meet and hang out in studio to just play for fun. 

Then, I took a deep breath and told them what the first song would sound like. I played a sample and some examples of songs with a beat I liked and Omar (drums) picked it up in a second. I gave Dave (bass) and Dean (guitar) the chords I was interested in and .. off they went, with or without me. The song had taken shape and … it was a life on its own. It was like we were creating a whole new person in the room (lets’ not get too descriptive). 

Dean, Omar and Dave looking at the chart I sent them.. which someone else sent to me. =) 

A few weeks ago I met my producer, Rozhan, and he told me that this whole process was like creating a child, and when the album was done, it would feel like I have given birth! Hahahaha what a perfect way to describe it. 

Like a parent, I can’t wait to see the songs grow. 

We managed to go through 3 songs that evening. And the best part was that the guys were excited to hear the next song and then the next and tried different things with the song and asked me if I liked this, or if I liked that. Being decisive was important too, because I can hear the song in my head and so it made it easier to decide what I want and not want. But these guys were giving me so many good ideas, I wanted it all! But… some songs should not be suffocated with excessive detail. Guess I will have to update you to how that feels when it comes to it. 

Trying to do two things at once... 

Next session comes the coming Tuesday. Hopefully I can make this a weekly thing. The goal date has not changed. But here we are on the road to it and I am excited! 

Who Wants to Live Forever

Watching Bohemian Rhapsody as a singer

  1. How the f*ck did Freddie Mercury do that? Find the confidence to just be himself? Was it acceptable to try new things even when it was not a norm? How do I do something like that?
  2. How did he find such a band that went with what he designed? Was he a natural born leader? Did he just get really lucky to find people who thought like him?
  3. If Freddie, who was studying to become a designer, could play the piano and write such amazing music, why am I not doing the same? What is stopping me and what can I do to break through that barricade?
  4. Does it matter that it is 2019 and the likes of  Ed Sheeran and Ariana Grande is probably what the youth think is genius music? Shouldn't I conform? And if I don't conform, then where is my stage? Did Freddie have the same concerns?
  5. This movie could not have come out at any other time but now. Perfect timing. 
  6. Being yourself is a good thing if the people around accept it. And you should walk away (but never forget) the people who didn't want you to be who you are. 
  7. You can love someone and need them in your life without being in love with them. Thank you, Mary. 
  8. Do a twirl once in a while. 
  9. You have no idea what you've got till it's gone. Currently looking into lung care... just in case (doesn't say anything about quitting alcohol) 
  10. he is a genius, and I may not be as amazing as him but I should keep trying. 


Welcome to the new year!

Yup, I totally slacked the whole 2018 but let's all be Frank and say... 2018 could not have ended sooner.

This blog has always been about music and my musical life, but why not let you in a little bit. When I first started blogging, I was 19 and loved talking about the fun I was having with my everyday stories (like threading, which I still do by the way). That was, of course, when I was still in school and had young things to talk about.

Now I am 31, singing for 14 years, still loving it, no doubt about that. I have this feeling of separation anxiety when away from the stage and mic and spotlight for too long. Is 5 days too long?

Anyway, what I really want to talk about is health. OK FINE sometimes that is not the most entertaining subject.... but when you forget health, health forgets you (deep).

Just take a second, think about all the things you've seen on TV or read in adverts or heard from the previous generation of "adults". Now throw that out of your head. It is not like that. It is worse. It is harder. It is more painful and it lasts longer than you would imagine.

And that's if it's happening to you.

Being a carer is a whole other post.

Everyone Should Choose Health


Didn't get much sleep last night. Kept getting woken up by bears and noise.... dreams and such... So was up at 8am.

But anyway, gym at 12:30pm. My mum had to exercise for 20 minutes, so I used that time and played the Amajor scale for 20 minutes effortlessly. YAY! Doesnt seem like much, but it was quite an achievement.

Thought of dividing the day between scales and writing music. But I end up just scaling the whole day.... dammit! Well, I hope to have more originals by December. I will only perform songs I am proud of....

Will keep on it!

Need to write!

And now... need to sleep...... till gym. 


Damn you muscle memory!

I believe the song I will be hearing in my head for the REST OF MY LIFE is the G major scale.

I don't know what it is about my fingers and trying to get it right, even though it's almost exactly the same as some other scales, but I trip up! Get into my head too much! Never though I could confuse myself by playing scales.

The end results will be amazing.. it has to be!

I have days when I feel so damn lame for having a hard time with my scales, especially since I have been trying this for years! My closest friends are musicians and sometimes I get embarrassed to tell them about my struggles on the piano even though I know they would never judge me and will be nothing but supportive and helpful.

But I have to keep on going. I have to stop thinking that I am getting older and maybe I should just give up. That's some crazy Bull-Shi+3 talk. It's never too late Dasha. Just stop wasting time! Surround yourself with people who are on the level you want to be! Talk to them and be inspired. Know your place ...and then level up!

Tomorrow... A major.

Also Le Noir.

A Key A Day

I have always believed in starting from the bottom.

And this bottom, I have visited many times.


That is the first thing all piano teachers and pianist say I should start with. This has of course been a topic of debate for a while, and yes I have picked up and started on the theory lessons (again for the 100th time) but I have always been excited for the moment I get to put my fingers on those black and white keys.

And so, from the bottom to the top. One scale at a time.

I have been learning the C Major Scale for 10 years. So I know that.

Yesterday was all about the D Major and E major scale.

D Major done. My only technique this time was doing it over and over, up and down, both hands, 10 times in a row perfectly, no breaks, with metronome. Not too shabby.

E major on the other hand (haha) was not so fun. Think I will keep this for another week when my fingers are a bit more warmed up.

F Major was today, and you have been a bit of a bitch.... but I got you in the end. The fingering (haha I always laugh at this, because I am immature sometimes) got me at first, then I got you back.

Today while watching a tutorial (those 10 minutes a day kind) I found myself mindlessly playing the F major scale. I realise muscle memory is the goal when it comes to practice. The more you get it right, the better you become at it.

Also this is the video I watched today:

Cuz he is also cute. And like most people, I need to be told what to do at first, and this guy tells me exactly what to do down to what to do with my phone. I like him.

Tomorrow... G major!


Shows this month : 13 (No Black Tie), 15 & 16 (No Black Tie), 20 (Le Noir), 23 (Suzie Wong)
Check out their website for more info!


SO what else is new?

It has been months since I have written and like I said above... yeah, what else?

To be honest, I got lazy and distracted with my daily life that I forgot about the one thing that has always made me happy when I was active, and always made me sad when I left it forgotten.

Music. My own. My love. My dream. 

I was going to start a new blog about how I really really really want to write my own stuff on the piano. How I hate that I am not equipt enough to do that! But I have this, and this is about my music and me and our relationship. And so, I have decided to really get into it. And I don't mean the quick "here is 10 minutes a-day practice tutorial" (which I do admit I do watch just for ideas), but really really get into it. Like getting lost in practice and hating myself when I get things wrong and loving myself when I get things right and just DOING IT like I have said I will for years.

Why is it different this time? Because I am telling you about it. And I hope you can be supportive and remind me to practice, remind me that the end game is worth the effort. Remind me that it is not too late. And with all your help, I will get there.

I am so lucky to already have people in my life willing and ready to help. Arms wide open, phones on and homes ready for me whenever I need that extra guidance.

I can not wait to tell you all about it.


Shows this month : 13 (No Black Tie), 15 & 16 (No Black Tie), 20 (Le Noir), 23 (Suzie Wong)
Check out their website for more info!

It's almost the middle of the year!

I am back! 

Oh wait, I didn't even tell you I was going anywhere! 

I have been in London for the past 6 weeks and it was not what I expected. I did do the things I intended to do which hopefully is going to be very exciting for everyone. I did lots of other things too which I had planed to do. I watched Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak and John Mayer. I thought I'd leave inspired, but I left angry at myself for not working harder to be like them. 

From watching my idols, I realised how much time and effort and work and consistency they put in. Their concerns are just the same as mine when it comes to writing music. "Just put it out there," John said. He just told me the thing I already knew. People are not going to like everything I put out. Some may, some may not. Guess that's the risk of being a musician. The part I have not been brave to get to, no matter how many Januaries I tell myself I will get an album out within the next 12 months. 

When will this ever get on the road? Put the pressure on me! 

But anyway, on another note, here are my upcoming shows!

Tuesday, May 30th 2017 
Dasha Logan & the John Thomas Trio
Suzie Wong
Dress code applies 
Free entry upon reservation 

Weekend, June 2nd and 3rd 2017
Michael Veerapen feat Dasha Logan
China House, Penang

Thusday, June 8th 2017
Dasha Logan & John Thomas band
Suzie Wong
Dress code applies 
Free entry upon reservation 

Friday, June 9th & 14th
Dasha Logan 
Le Noir

Weekend, June 16th and 17th 2017
Dasha Logan 
No Black Tie
Cover charge TBC

My Monitor and I

"excuse me, could you bring me down?" 

I have often heard that I have the weirdest on-stage preference when it comes to my monitors. I always prefer them softer than some singers and I never thought about it until today. 

I started singing in small bars in Penang, here and there with minimum experience and minimum knowledge of what I would need when I performed. All I knew was that I needed a mic, speakers and maybe a music stand for my file (yes, my lyrics were in a file, that you flip!) and hope that the wind is kind and the lighting doesn't reflect off the plastic protecting my lyrics. There were performances completely void of a monitor and I didn't know any better. 

There was once a whole contract, that had monitors, but a mixer that was not properly working. The monitors were there for show and were never turned on (no matter how sexy I spoke) and with this, I was trained to perform without monitors. So now when I am on stage and the monitors are turned on and working, it surprises me just a little. As if there was a wall in front of me and I singing right at it and my voice is being thrown right back to my face! 

I much prefer hearing the far away sound of my voice coming from the house speaker. Ever heard your voice played back to you and think "dang!!! That's what I sound like? I shouldn't talk anymore....", I often ask myself why anyone would like my voice. Then I shut up and get on with it because I love singing and I just hope people can tell that I do when I do. Do be do be do be doooooo...

But in all honestly, what this has taught me is how to work through tougher situations. How to perform with a faulty monitor, how to carry on with a show if a monitor cuts out. Learning how to trust my voice while performing and listening to what the audience can actually hear. 

Challenge yourself. Try the difficult way and see what happens. It's through the mistakes and hardship that we learn the best.