Bass's down, pillar time.

Yesterday I got some musicians into the studio to work. There was no reason for them to have allocated time for me, to come into studio and to help me out with something devastatingly important to me, yet they did. 

I got to the studio (Drum Asia) a little earlier than everyone else, sat down at the piano and tried banging to my not-so-great chords in preparation for them to come in. They slowly made their way to the studio, setting up the instruments and just catching up. We as musicians , dont always get to just hang out with each other outside of work, and have even less opportunity to meet and hang out in studio to just play for fun. 

Then, I took a deep breath and told them what the first song would sound like. I played a sample and some examples of songs with a beat I liked and Omar (drums) picked it up in a second. I gave Dave (bass) and Dean (guitar) the chords I was interested in and .. off they went, with or without me. The song had taken shape and … it was a life on its own. It was like we were creating a whole new person in the room (lets’ not get too descriptive). 

Dean, Omar and Dave looking at the chart I sent them.. which someone else sent to me. =) 

A few weeks ago I met my producer, Rozhan, and he told me that this whole process was like creating a child, and when the album was done, it would feel like I have given birth! Hahahaha what a perfect way to describe it. 

Like a parent, I can’t wait to see the songs grow. 

We managed to go through 3 songs that evening. And the best part was that the guys were excited to hear the next song and then the next and tried different things with the song and asked me if I liked this, or if I liked that. Being decisive was important too, because I can hear the song in my head and so it made it easier to decide what I want and not want. But these guys were giving me so many good ideas, I wanted it all! But… some songs should not be suffocated with excessive detail. Guess I will have to update you to how that feels when it comes to it. 

Trying to do two things at once... 

Next session comes the coming Tuesday. Hopefully I can make this a weekly thing. The goal date has not changed. But here we are on the road to it and I am excited! 

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